This blog

I've had plenty of times where I wanted share a concept, thought or rant and had no way of doing it. I never wanted to start up a blog because I wouldn't post to it often enough. Then it struck me. So what if I don't post to it often? Its not as though anybody is going to visit this blog and get upset I haven't posted.

So this is my personal blog. I'll post whenever I have a thought worth sharing. So if its here, it quality(according to me at least). I suggest subscribing to the rss feed instead of actually visiting here for two reasons.

1. You'll just get the odd post in your rss reader from me and you won't have to spend any extra effort.

2. I don't plan on making this blog pretty, so it'll save you looking at the boring, annoying, or ugly layout.

Happy reading

UPDATE: So it turns out making a wordpress blog pretty is a joke, so the layout isn't ugly. I still recommend rss though.