Venture Idea #1 - Music Everywhere

In a perfect world my cell phone, regardless of carrier or manufacturer would know every song that was playing around me over the course of the day. It would let me purchase it immediately and listen to it on the way home or at the very least, I could mark it for purchase or review later.

The Idea

A platform to give musicians circulation in coffee shops, elevators, waiting rooms, retails stores and other public places. This platforms ties to a standard implemented by all phone companies(manufacturers and providers) allowing any phone to know what song is currently playing and providing the means for the consumer to purchase the song.

Money Flow: Consumer -> Venture -> Stores, Carriers & Musicians

Step 1: Develop the platform. Build the standard. Sell the products to the various locations. These are nothing more than web enabled mp3 players with some business logic. Develop the website for musicians to upload music. Handle the sales transactions and take a piece off the top. Musicians and labels earn money and get more circulation. Cell carriers earn a portion of every song sold, as well as benefit from increased data usage. The shops earn a portion of every song sold from their location. Consumers get easy access to an abundant music supply. Everybody wins.

Step 3: Profit